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Lucas Industries 26211, 26211A/L, 26211M/T, 26211U Replacement Starter

Lucas Industries 26211, 26211A/L, 26211M/T, 26211U Replacement Starter

Item# 16608N-M50

Product Description


CASE K308650, K919752, FORD 702000150, C6NF-11000-A, C7NN-11000-A, C7NN-11000-B, D0NN-11000-A, D0NN-11000-B, D4NN-11000-B, D8NN-11000-CA, D8NN-11000-CB, D8NN-11000-CD, D8NN-11000-CE, D8NN-11000-CER, E9NN-11000-AA, E9NN-11000-AAR, FORD ENGINEERING C6NF-A, C7NN-A, C7NN-B, D0NN-A, D0NN-B, D4NN-B, D8NN-CA, D8NN-CB, D8NN-CE, LETRIKA (ISKRA) 11.130.579, LUCAS INDUSTRIES 26211, 26211A/L, 26211M/T, 26211U, 26291A, 26291D, 26338A, 26338B, 26338D, 26338F, 26339, 26339A, 26339A/B, 26339B, 26339D, 26339D/H, 26339K, 26379, 26379A, 26379F, 26379H, 26395, 26395A, 26395A/B, 26395A/H, 26395D, 26395D/E, 26395E, 26395H, 26925060, 27500, 27500A, 27500A/J, 27500J, 27569, 27569A/B, 27569E, MAGNETON 9-142-765, 9-142-766, MARELLI 26925060D, 63227569, MSN202, NEW HOLLAND 703F11000AA, 71YB11000AA, 81859398, 82005342, 83911703, 83918688, 83926303, 83937208, 83949348, 83960404, 83981923, D2NN11000B, PRESTOLITE 205000212, 35262480, SKYTRAK 8825172

BARBER GREENE (1976-1980)
CASE (1974-1992)
DAVID BROWN (1974-1976)
DENNIS - EUROPE (1972-1979)
FORD (1965-1998)
INGERSOLL RAND (1976-1980)
J.C. BAMFORD (1973-1985)

MCR NUMBER: 16608N-M50

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