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Presolite Cessna Monarch Tommy Lifts 46-948 46-2220 Replacement Motor

Presolite Cessna Monarch Tommy Lifts 46-948 46-2220 Replacement Motor

Item# 6126DBBN
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Product Description

Motor - Pump
12 Volt, CCW, Slotted Shaft

Used On:
Cessna, Monarch Hydraulics, MTE Hydraulics, Tommy Lifts

Anthony A150018M
Eagle DC Motors 1330180
JS Barnes 2200-480
Leyman LH150018
Maxon Lift Corp 223740
Monarch Hydraulics 8111, 8111D, 8112
Prestolite 46-2220, 46-2364, 46-2617, 46-2777, 46-948, MHN-4001S, MHN4001, MHN4001A, MHN4003, MHN4005, MHN4006, MUE6001, MUE6001S, MUE6105, MUE6107, MUE7003, MUE7003S
Thieman Tailgates 4421721, 4423520
Tommy Lift 42 MONARCH, 42-4320
Waltco Truck Equipment 70091739, 70092312, 70092359
Western SnowPlows M3100

Ref. No. W-9993-DBB

Dimensions :
4.5 in. Dia. Field Case
1) 5/16-24 Terminal Post

Notes :
Thru bolts at 3:00 & 9:00 positions. Additional 1/4-20 switch mtg. holes in field case for broader coverage.

100% New
Later style, 4-field coils

MCR Number: 6126DBBN

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