Valeo Replacement 510-834, 9AR2775F, 9AR2775G Alternator

Valeo Replacement 510-834, 9AR2775F, 9AR2775G Alternator

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Product Description

35 Amp/12 Volt, CW, w/o Pulley

Letrika (Iskra) 11.203.998, Motorola 510-834, 9AR2775F, 9AR2775G, Prestolite 66021151M

Sabb Engine - Marine
Various Models

Volvo Penta Engine - Marine
AQ100 4cyl Gas 1961-1963
AQ115A,B,C 4cyl Gas 1969-1977
AQ120 4cyl Gas 1966-1980
AQ130A,B,C,D 4cyl Gas 1968-1977
AQ140,A 4cyl Gas 1975-1979
AQ165A 6cyl Gas 1968-1969
AQ170A,B,C,D 6cyl Gas 1969-1980
AQD70B 6cyl Diesel 1971-1982
AQD70BL 6cyl Diesel 1971-1982
BB115A,B,C 4cyl Gas 1969-1977
MD100S 6cyl Diesel
MD3A 3cyl Diesel
MD3B 3cyl Diesel 1971-1975
MD5 1cyl Diesel
MD5A,B,C 1cyl Diesel 1975-1982
MD6A 2cyl Diesel 1971-1976
MD7 2cyl Diesel
MD7A 2cyl Diesel 1976-1983
TMD50 6cyl Diesel
TMD50A 6cyl Diesel 1965-1971
TMD70B,C 6cyl, 410ci, 6.7L Diesel 1972-1985

Faryman Engine - Marine
A30M Diesel
K34M Diesel
L38M Diesel
Various Models

Motorola Engine - Marine
Various Models Various Engines

Renault Engine - Marine
RC100. D Single Bottom Mount
RC106D, DS Single Bottom Mount
RC140D Single Bottom Mount
RC145DTS Single Bottom Mount
RC160DS Single Bottom Mount
RC180D Single Bottom Mount
RC18D Single Bottom Mount
RC25 Single Bottom Mount
RC25D Single Bottom Mount
RC36D Single Bottom Mount
RC90DS Single Bottom Mount

MCR Number: 12407N

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