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AMC Replacement 3230451, 33004065, 8933004065 Ignition Module

AMC Replacement 3230451, 33004065, 8933004065 Ignition Module

Item# FM184
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Product Description

Ignition Module
1-Blue Grommet

For :
Ford Systems

Used On:
(1987-77) AMC
(1997-75) Ford
(1997-75) Ford Truck
(1987-77) Jeep
(1985-76) Lincoln
(1987-75) Mercury

AMC 3230451, 33004065, 8933004065
Ford D6AB-12A199-A1B, -A2B
D6AE-12A199-A1A, A1B, -A2A, A2B
D6AZ-12A199-A, -B
D6TE-12A199-A1A, D6TZ-12A199-A, D7AZ-12A199-B, D8AE-12A199-A1E
D8VE-12A199-A1A, -A1B, -A1C, -A2A, -A2B, -A2C
D9VZ-12A199-A, E1FZ-12A199-A
E8PF-12A199-AA, -AB
E9VZ-12A199-A, F2PF-12A199-AA, F2PZ-12A199-AA
Motorcraft DY-184, -A, -B, -C
DY-198, DY-337
IHC 827498C1 - LX203T

Notes :
Magnetic Pick-up System


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