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Ford Replacement B8A12127F Distributor

Ford Replacement B8A12127F Distributor

Item# DST2807
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Product Description

DIMENSIONS: 6.187 x 8.187 x 16

FORD B8A 12127-F B8A 12127-G B8A 12127-K B9A 12127-A B9AF 12127-A B9AF 12127-D C0AF 12127-B C0AF 12127-D C0AF 12127-E C0AF 12127-J C0AF 12127-K C0LF 12127-A C1SF 12127-A C1VE 12127-A C2AF 12127-A C2AF 12127-D C2SF 12127-A C2SF 12127-B C3AF 12127-AD C3AF12127AE C3AF12127AH C3AF12127AJ C3MF12127A C3SF12127D C4AF12127L C4AF12127M C4AF12127N C4SF12127A C4SF12127R C4TF12127E C4TF12127F C5AF12127A C5AF12127B C5AF12127BF C5AF12127BG C5AF12127C C5AF12127E C5AF12127M C5MF12127A C5SF12127B C5TF12127A C5TF12127B C5TF12127C C5TZ12127B C60F12127E C60F12127F C60F12127G C60F12127H C60F12127J C6AF12127A C6AF12127AG C6AF12127AH C6AF12127B C6AF12127BA C6AF12127C C6AF12127D C6AF12127E C6AF12127F C6AF12127K C6AF12127L C6AF12127M C6AF12127T C6AF12127U C6AF12127V C6MF12127A C6OF12127E C6OF12127F C6OF12127G C6OF12127H C6OF12127J C6SF12127B C6SF12127D C6TF12127AA C6TF12127AB C6TF12127BJ C6TF12127G C6TF12127GH C6TF12127H C70F12127G C70F12127H C75F12127E C7AF12127A C7AF12127AA C7AF12127AC C7AF12127AD C7AF12127AF C7AF12127AG C7AF12127B C7AF12127C C7AF12127D C7AF12127E C7AF12127F C7AF12127H C7AF12127L C7AF12127M C7AF12127N C7AF12127S C7AF12127T C7AF12127U C7AF12127V C7AF12127Y C7AF12127Z C7MF12127G C7MF12127H C7OF12127G C7OF12127H C7SF12127A C7SF12127B C7SF12127C C7SF12127F C7TF12127A C7TF12127F C80F12127G C80F12127J C8AF12127J C8AF12127Y C8OF12127G C8OF12127J C8TF12127H C8TF12127L C8VF12127B C90F12127J C9AF12127J C9AF12127K C9OF12127J D0TF12127K D0ZF12127G D1TF12127EA D2TF12127FA D2TF12127FB D2TF12127LA D2TF12127LB D2TF12127MA D2UF12127PA D30F12127KA D30F12127MA D3HF12127EA D3OF12127KA D3OF12127MA D3PE12127SA D3TF12127EA D3TF12127HA D3TF12127PA D3TF12127UA D3TF12127VA D3TF12127XA D3TF12127YA D4HE12127JA D4TE12127UA D4TE12127YA D5TE12127ADA D6HE12127GA D6HE12127HA FEU12127J G7TF12127D G7TF12127M

EDSEL (1958-1960)
FORD (1958-1973)
MERCURY (1961-1971)


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